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Solar Panels

Need Solar Panels? We Recommend

Earth Electric

HeroWhen you choose Earth Electric as your local installer, you get a personal touch, years of experience, and business done the right way.

You’ve got better things to do than paperwork! Let them take care of all the paper pushing with plans, permits, building departments, PG&E and city inspections. They’ve got it down and we make it simple for you.

Earth Electric will keep you in the loop and are available to answer questions every step of the way. They guarantee their estimates – no shady deals with financing companies or hidden fees – and work within your budget and your needs.

As a small business, their low overhead costs allow them to offer competitive pricing and they personally manage every project. They don’t have a fleet of stickered trucks or slick radio ads, They have happy customers who like how simple it is to go solar .

Earth Electric has been in business since 2009 which pretty much makes them veterans. They’ve seen a lot, and they share that expertise to help you choose the best options for your personal situation.

They set out to help you create the most stellar solar solution for your home. Your happiness means they’ve done it right.

It’s never been easier to Plug into the Sun and take advantage of clean, more affordable solar power!